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360 Degree Dashcams! Coolest Random Stuff at SEMA 2022

Here’s a look at some of the coolest random stuff at SEMA this year.
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NEW Escort iXc Radar Detector

360° Dashcams:
Birds Eye View 360° Dashcam:
Carmate 360° Dashcams: [Amazon]
Rydeen 360° RVM Dashcam (Old version):

RVM Dashcams:
CarPlay RVM:
Acumen RVM: [Amazon]
Gentex OEM RVM Dashcam:

OEM Dashcams:
Vugera Lexus/Mercedes Dashcam:
Thinkware BMW/Mini Dashcam:

Multichannel Dashcams:
Thinkware Multiplexer Box: [Amazon]

SynapCam Facial Recognition:

Parent Cameras:
In-car Kid Cam: [Amazon]
Radar baby/pet monitor:

0:00 Intro
0:19 Cars
0:49 Tesla Vegas Loop
1:40 360 Degree Dashcams
1:55 Carmate 360 Degree Dashcams
2:29 Rydeen 360 Degree RVM Dashcam
3:14 CarPlay RVM
3:25 RVM Controlling Lights
3:30 Gentex OEM RVM Dashcams
4:09 Car Manufacturer Dashcams
4:44 Multichannel Dashcams & DVRs
5:36 AI
6:18 In-car Kid Cameras for Parents
7:01 Radar In-car Child Detector
7:59 Wrapping Up

Shoutout to @Volkswagen and @M&S America for the awesome car setups and backgrounds, haha. 🙂

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